"On the day that I am writing this, I will be interviewing and weld testing for a job I have dreamed of having since I was a kid. Without a doubt I’m prepared in every way for today. I look back and see how far I have come since my first day of welding school with Mr. Holt, when he shook all of our hands and said the words that have stuck with me since “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives.” I never realized at the time just how true and lasting that statement was. From that day and everyday after, Mr. Holt’s passion for this trade has never lacked. His desire for his students to become only the best and highest quality welders has shown time after time for years. He has prepared me not only to be a quality welder, but to be a quality employee- the kind that is hardest to find today. Having studied at other welding academies, I can say I haven’t had any of my other instructors make the same effort for their students. Without him pushing me to work hard every day, I would not have ever reached or realized the potential that was within, and would not be in the place I am, achieving my dreams. If you’re looking for a high-quality and practical education, there is no better place to go than American Welding Academy"

- Samuel Aufmuth, Boilmaker

"Mr. Holt instructed me my last two school years in Welding at South Tech High school. His motivation and attitude was a huge impact on me. He wants success out of every single one of his students and I saw it everyday in the classroom and in the shop. His techniques of training are unlike any other instructor I’ve ever seen. Holt pushed me to be the best I could be everyday by making me repeat, perfect, and produce work no matter if I wanted to or not. I believe he does not just create and train incredibly talented welders, but as well crafts wisdom, responsibility, and respect into his students. The instructing I received from Holt reminds me to always work safely, organized, and produce top quality work efficiently and every time." 

- Joel Besch, Icon Mechanical - Local 439 Steamfitters

"Adam Holt is a one of a kind instructor. An Instructor and a friend you will remember for a lifetime. Adam always took the extra time to push my skills and abilities, to not only mold and create an incredible person but also a great welder. He has a heart of gold but still knows how to put his foot down when you need it most.  The 2 years I had with Adam Holt as my instructor changed my entire life’s direction."

- Joe Andracsek, Plumber's and Pipefitter's Local 562

"To start off I want to say that I would not be anywhere today without Adam Holt and going through his program. My experience throughout his course was beyond unforgettable. He helped me find my goals and stride towards them and never settle for less. I have never met a person so passionate about what they do. He found the fire inside of me and fed it with encouragement and his incredible knowledge of the art of welding. I started off knowing little to nothing about welding and he brought me all the way to winning a full ride scholarship to continue my education further. The environment was joyful, fun, but also competitive. We all had the drive of wanting to be the best. Nobody was there just to get by. We all wanted to be the best welders we could possibly be! I can honestly say I miss it. He is a very humble man and won’t brag about his incredible capability to be so versatile with welding. I have met a lot of people in this trade from all over the world and I have yet to meet someone so impeccable. Some of the major things he has taught me are no matter what situation I’m in is to always try my best no matter what the outcome is. Being humble and letting my work speak for myself. Don’t settle for anything less than the best of my ability. Those are just a few of many things I’ll take with me down the road. I would highly recommend his knowledge to anyone thinking about starting their career in welding."

- Harrison Dye, Core Crew - Ethanol Plant Pipe Welder