Tuition Assistance 

American Welding Academy is a new private institution and not apart of the Federal (Nationally Accredited) Program which means we can not accept Pell Grants and/or FAFSA school loans.  American Welding Academy does accept scholarships and grants. Enrolling students also may use personal loans backed with co-signing guardians and/or collateral to secure funds for tuition.   

Scholarships and Grants

American Welding Academy does accept scholarships and grants.  Potential students are encouraged to investigate and apply for any scholarships and grants available that the student may be eligible for as this is a very useful tool in securing funding for program tuition. The following scholarships are specifically geared for vocational training. This is not a comprehensive list of all scholarship/grant opportunities available as there are thousands more not described below, it is highly recommended to investigate your local scholarship opportunities available.  Most agencies require the individual applicant to contact each program directly. Some links have been provided for your convenience.  

American Welding Society (AWS) Scholarships - 

National FFA Scholarships - OR

Mike Rowe Works Scholarship -

MISSOURI FARM BUREAU Foundation for Agriculture Vocational Scholarship - For more information - Click Here  

A+ Scholarship Program - American Welding Academy will provide each A+ Program student a $1000 scholarship for tuition costs starting in June 2020.  

Vocational Rehabilitation -  Grant that the student must be eligible for based upon having an IEP, ADD, ADHD, etc.  Student must contact local office.   For Missouri Residents   Currently unavailable for American Welding Academy students as schools must be running for six months to be eligible per program requirements.  Vocational Rehabilitation will be available to American Welding Academy students starting Fall 2020.

Student Loans  - Updates Coming Soon